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  • Imagine Psi, just for a moment, how you would feel if this were your own baby online.

    Nice try at exploiting the reptilian in our brains.
    • Plenty of other stuff going on and this mail was sent to me (and many others) and I duly forwarded it.

      With film and pictures of sacrifices going on at Bohemian Grove (Satanic rituals attended by world leaders and elite members), child abductions around the world being done by elite groups and their paedophile rings (plenty of evidence of this), and so much more abuse of all kinds, especially massive corruption by elite groups and families that is literally depriving people all around the world of all kinds of basic human needs, I for one consider that the reptilian issue and the flagrant abuse of millions of humans as being very serious.
      As the Zeigeist deleted scene points out, the reptilian aspect is recorded around the planet and has had major connections with colonialism. The agendas of the reptilians and the Illuminati/Masonic elite are identical because they are the same bunch! The stated agendas include a slave race which will be used as 'fodder' in wars and industrial society, which will pay taxes to support the elite, pay to be made ill, pay for drugs that do not cure and even pay to die! And the education system and media are tools by which the whole scam is perpetuated.

      So don't moralise me about what I post or not.
      'Immoral' is paying taxes to a system that perpetuates a system of Apartheid in the USA against its native population, that invades other countries and sets about destroying the archeology and culture (using depleted uranium shells, bullets and bombs), murdering of tens of thousands of women and children, transports tons of hard drugs from invaded countries back to its own inner cities to subjugate its own people, oversees secret programmes of aerosol spraying and electro-magnetic fields for 'weather control', and home terror attacks to ferment support for wars and invasions.

      And what some people may suggest is that the use of uranium in wars and the secret dumping of other seriously radioactive and toxic material might well be causing the terrible mutations that are seen so often.
      You may claim to 'know it all' sometimes, but clearly there is much more to be known!

      Here is the original mail forwarded to me (complain to him!):

      From: (...) <>
      Sent: Monday, 17 December, 2007 12:25:25 AM
      Subject: To all reptilian sceptics everywhere. Talk a look at this.

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        Um, there is always the possibility that it is a reptilian hybrid... but for now lets just say that this is actually a very rare birth defect known as,

        Harlequin Ichthysosis

        Most babies born with it, die in a matter of days. However, less extreme cases involve people living full lifes, just disfigured.

        From what little I understand, it is a skin condition, where the skin is really dry, cracking, and there is also deformity in the eyes/nose/mouth area. It is actually pretty sad.

        I admit, that there could be something deeper to this. Some speculate genetic defects caused by depleted uranium, or other types of chemical pollutants. Who knows. It is a pretty horrid sight though.
        • Yes it is hard on the eyes. So sad that so many have to suffer so much for capitalism and its elite!

          I remember where I saw something like it before - the victims of the US atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and the mutations after the Agent Orange spraying in Vietnam!
          • It is not a coincidence that one of the important ingredients in Agent Orange was Sodium Laureth Sulphate, an ingredient of vast numbers of shampoos, soaps, and other cleaning products regularly used around the world.
            And various people and companies have been warning about the accumulative effects of SLS and SLES and how the use of such products harms the skin, eyes and other organs.
            What has never been properly tested is the effects of the combinations of such known toxic ingredients in personal care products, especially in weakened immune systems and already toxified bodies (especially those of children and foetuses).

            There is a scandal coming!

            And do get the toxic products out of your home!
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              Thanks for the info Psi.

              I stopped using everything at the start of the year and feel better for it..
              I just used ayurvedic toothpaste, that was it.

              I recently picked up some organic hair stuff too but its not essential, just keep your hair short (or get dreads I guess!).
              Apart from the buildup of toxicity that will occur using the majority of commercial products, there is a specific likelihood of blocking the crown's nrg. Not sure what to suggest for women.. Most men with long hair wouldn't enjoy going natural, for most women it would be considered a fate worse than death (or public speaking!).
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                "I recently picked up some organic hair stuff too but its not essential, just keep your hair short (or get dreads I guess!)."

                LOL! That actually works for me. I had dreads for about 5 years and now I just keep my hair very short. No hair products needed.
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                  I'm a *Breck Girl* all the way!...

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                    I'm a *Breck Girl* all the way!...

                    >> ewww!! Re: Extreme toxicity!!!

                    i would start thinking about changing my ways ferrera, or should i call you farrah?lol!

                    when i think of my childhood, i remember some smells that must have been highly toxic and major contribution to depletion of the ozone, like charlie perfume and aquanet hairspray. no aromatherpay back then, glad times have changed... yah, i am...

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