Comet to hit into the Atlantic Ocean around May 24th?

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Has anyone heard of this? I was just sent an email about this but they forgot to provide a link:


Blessings to all,

I am writing to forward recent news to reach my ears way up here at
the diamante verde spiritual sanctuary. Maybe it is old news up in
the states, but maybe it is being censored out of the news. SO I
present it objectively.

We have been quietly grounding out here at our HOME in Costa Rica
creating the infrastructure to receive family, with our ears to the
ground , our eyes to the sky and our hearts open. For the last while
we have been seeing this new object in the evening sky and were
wondering what it is, sometimes we can even see it after the sun
comes up. Today I found out...

Apparently a comet has shattered somewhere out there in near space
and is heading this way....

It is expected to hit somewhere in the atlantic ocean on May 24th and
create quite a splash when it lands.

Please check out the following link
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    • well, your info may be better than mine but specifying the actual impact site seems a little optimistic.
      73p has more than 40 named frags. some are passing unusually close.
      here is the nasa table for neo's
      • btw, the closest frag is passing in the next few hours rather than may 24 so look up!
        • So is Eric Julien, a former French military air traffic controller and senior airport manager, suggesting that Bush & Comp. are covering up the astroid, so that it can be later suggested as a Iran attack? I am referencing the connection Mr. Juien made to the Bush policy with Iran. Or is he stating that the impact could be used to cover up Bush attack? Why the reference at all? Serious interest.

          More importantly, what will the average citizen notice on the day of impact? It will gather great attention when 'the masses' understand 'what' to look for and 'how' it will effect them.

          • Ok, now I have read Juien's Day of Destiny...and I just dont find him creditable. He has a lucid dream then finds a 'reason' for it to be true...or second best, he found the 'reason' then invented the dream bit.

            First, The crop circle is inconclusive and speculation.
            His (ESP) confirmation from aliens is unsubstantiated by an other notice contactees.
            What of this ‘World Message’ appear?'...anyone have further links to that?

            Second, To his credit he has 'apparent' astrological knowledge.

            So it is conceivable, if not evident, he is resting on the fact that most average person cannot do the astrologic math to confirm or disprove his data. Can anyone confirm this calculation?

            Third its true...and Im an idiot.
            The use of his syntax suggest (to me) had he himself is far from accepting is own logic. (logic in this case to be synonymous with conjecture.)

            Need more input / more source...
            What am I, the neighborhood telescope guy, looking for on May 14, 2006? That will prove he in standing on solid ground, and that in 2 weeks we may not be?
    • "According to Julien, this is the same year that a crop circle appeared showing the inner solar system with the Earth missing from its orbit. He argues the "Missing Earth" crop circle was a message from higher intelligences warning humanity of the consequences of its destructive nuclear policies. He links this crop circle to May 25, 2006, and identifies the comet Schwassmann-Wachman as the subject of higher intelligence communications."

      Oh yeah. Crop circles don't lie.

      Can anyone say, "Klaatu borata nikto?"
      • Hoopes,

        it's baseball season. would'nt it be grand if a ship landed at yankee stadium?
        • Whats actually happening......

          Sat, May 13, 2006 - 3:05 PM
          Mini-Comets Approaching Earth....

          A cometary "string-of-pearls" will fly past Earth in May 2006 giving astronomers a fantastic view of a dying comet.

          In 1995, Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 did something unexpected: it fell apart. For no apparent reason, the comet's nucleus split into at least three "mini-comets" flying single file through space. Astronomers watched with interest, but the view was blurry even through large telescopes. "73P" was a hundred and fifty million miles away.

          We're about to get a much closer look. In May 2006 the fragments are going to fly past Earth closer than any comet has come in more than twenty years.
          "This is a rare opportunity to watch a comet in its death throes—from very close range," says Don Yeomans, head of NASA's Near Earth Object Program at JPL.

          There's no danger of a collision. "Goodness, no," says Yeomans. "The closest fragment will be about six million miles away--or twenty-five times farther than the Moon." That's close without actually being scary.
          The flyby is a big deal. "The Hubble Space Telescope will be watching," says Yeomans. "Also, the giant Arecibo radar in Puerto Rico will 'ping' the fragments to determine their shape and spin." Even backyard astronomers will be able to take pictures as the mini-comets file through the constellations Cygnus and Pegasus on May 12, 13 and 14.

          Ironically these comets, so nearby, will not be very bright. The largest fragments are expected to glow like 3rd or 4th magnitude stars, only dimly visible to the unaided eye.

          "Remember," says Yeomans, "these are mini-comets." They're not like the Great Comets Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp of 1996 and 1997. Those could be seen with the naked eye from light-polluted cities. The fragments of 73P, on the other hand, are best viewed from the countryside--and don't forget your binoculars.

          The number of fragments is constantly changing. (Note added April 10, 2006: Astronomers are currently tracking 19 fragments.)
        • funny 'nough...most of my dreams regarding "landings" in the last 20 years...well, they seem to happen at stadiums...

          it wasn't 'til the Katrina experience that I started to connect that it's bound to be a 'gathering place' if natural events have brought us together and that's when our exoterrestrial brethren are going to make a 3D visit

          so baseball season would be best time to visit indeed...:+)
          • especially if ya wanna Knock one Out of the park.
            • have you guys seen "the day the earth stood still"?

              1950's sci fi.

              5 star.

              klatu barada nikto.
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                Here are some funny coments regarding the comets in a different thread far from here:

                This is what Nasa has to say:

                Here is an orbit simulation:
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                  Another link that says the comet is closer than any comet has been in 80 years.... yet the previous link says 20....why they changin numbers?
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.
                    A 'fact' largely unaccepted by the citizens of this great world is that science is not an 'exact' science, its an art. We must allow them to change their numbers, and not 'necessarily' assume a suspicious attitude toward them.

                    The suspicious attitude should be leveled at Julien and his 'dooms day prophecy'...but we only need wait 10 more days and we will know. And out of childish curiosity and a vague recollection, is he not planning a book release after 'the date'? I hope his supporters will be dismayed by his change in numbers.

                    This so reminds me of William Miller an atheist turned Dooms Day Prophet. Basically, he convinced 100's of land owner to sell their land and all belongings (to Him) and go wait on a mountain for the end of the world...and he had to change his dates not 1, not 2 but 3 threes...until people realized he was not going to hit that home run everyone wanted...

                    And the funny thing to me is ...''Many people were really disappointed when the world didn't end on Oct. 22, 1843, as William Miller''...that state of mind that seems to still be popular.

                    In banking there is the ponzi scans...In religion there is the Dooms Day Prophecy...

                    • Here is link to William Miller info. I dont think I should use story's that are not viewable in their entirey to the whole of the reading audiences.


                      • What if there was a comet coming our way, and a big one, sure to bring catastrohpic results around the world. Would they honestly tell us the truth? People would be in a panic, and then martial law will have to be enforced...hmm, yes, maybe they would tell us the truth then, maybe even exaggerate...
                        • Nicole,

                          No I dont think 'they' being NASA/Government official would tell use the truth. However; there are intelligent minds out there that would feel a sense of social obligation. Many intelligent minds, so many that their access to the internet and open communication could not be denied.

                          Julien is not one of them - too much doesnt line up. Anyone is in their right to believe Julien - where are other astrologers that astronomers that watch the sky nightly...validating his statements of doom (we will skip his sole communications with aliens - for now). After all this theory has been out for sure its has drawn due attention of capable mind...even if it was a brief after thought.
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                            Yea.....doomsday sayers are not really realzing that they spread fear.... but its up to us individually to not have the fear. Fear blocks our cells receptor sites in an unhealthy way..... but its great to be watching the skies! :-)

                            and good to be aware:

                            May 15: there are reports that component B may have begun another outburst.

                            May 14: component G is reported to have faded well beyond visual detection.

                            May 13: there are reports that component B has faded somewhat, yet is still quite a sight in the eyepiece with lots of detail visible.

                            May 11/12: Now that the comet fragments are passing close to the earth they will appear to move very quickly across the sky. Tonight they will be moving about 16' every hour. Motion should be obvious against the background stars in just a few minutes. Although fading, component B is still in outburst. Both components B and C are spectacular in larger telescopes. Don't forget to scan along the line between C and B (and past B) for other components that might flare at any moment!

                            May 10: Component B has reportedly become brighter than component C! It is a naked eye object even in moonlight. There are also reports of arcs and jets. Bill Weir reported that, "When It slid into the FOV I was blown away. Although smaller, it looked as good if not better than C had ever looked. I couldn't believe how bright it looked even with all the Moonlight." There are signs that the outburst may already be in the decline so get this one tonight if you can!

                            May 9: Component B remains bright and has developed jets in images! I urge observers using telescopes to use high magnification on the nucleus. Hale-Bopp showed amazing structure in the eyepiece related to similar jets. You never know unless you look!

                            May 8: Component B has brightened again. Bob King reports, "The comet's nucleus is very bright and nearly stellar in a small 30" coma."
  • Have there been any developments to this comet thing? I'm going to a Burning Man event this weekend in Delaware and I'm kinda curious if I should take a look up every now and then for a massive tidal wave?
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      I love the tidal wave scene in Deep Impact. When the reporter stands with her father at the edge of the ocean. The water recedes for hundreds of feet, and you see the two figures holding each other with no fear as this massive, indescribable amount of water engulfs them. I get the chills thinking about it. Anyway, Im here in Seattle and my mom and little sister live in New Jersey. If the tidal wave does come, at least they will have each other. hehe.
  • heh, no?
    • Anyone else think it's interesting that almost every one of the volcanos in the ring of fire has erupted in the past month - 13 eruptions alone on may 16th ? And several underwater volcanos too.Eartquake activity is also increasing....
      • Using earthquakes + ring of fire for Google keywords just now, I found this:

        Seismic and volcanic activity in the "ring of fire" signal the beginning of the apocalypse prophecied for the year 2012.

        This earthquake was located in Indonesia, a country of 17,000 islands that make up the so-called Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean basin where plate boundaries intersect and volcanoes regularly erupt. Although scientists cannot predict exactly when seismic events will occur, seismologists had predicted Monday's quake. In the March 17 issue of the journal Nature, researchers at the University of Ulster-Coleraine in Northern Ireland reported that stress was building in the Sumatran subduction zone as well as in the adjacent Sunda Trench. They warned that the stress was likely to be released in another seismic event. The faults are part of the Pacific "ring of fire," where continental plates grind against each other and spark periodic seismic shocks.

        The Ring of Fire has been quoted in many prophesies as being the first indicator of the end times when the geologic upheaval begin to increase in frequency. Over the last century, we have seen many severe earthquakes, but the frequency in such a concise time period has increased since the 1990s. Author Nina Anderson based her novel, 2012 Airborne Prophesy, on the prophetic Ring of Fire predictions, which alerts the reader to possible human causes for the acceleration of the earth’s instability. In the book, she projects that present levels of wireless technology are rising and this frequency saturation will eventually create a harmonic disturbance that could generate an instability of the earth’s crust.

        In 2012 Airborne Prophesy we are warned that the experiments with targeted ionospheric or subsurface electromagnetic frequencies disregard any conclusive evidence of safety to our planet. A man-generated unexpected earthquake last fall in Colorado shook residents and stirred controversy. New powerful ionospheric heaters are working to improve communications with submarines and to be used as subterranean radar to locate underground defense facilities. Could these frequency-based devices be unseating the continental plates and spawning the rash of earthquakes in the Pacific or are they part of our unfolding future as predicted in the end-days prophecies?
        • I dont understand the use of the word 'interesting' in the following...

          'does anyone find it interesting ...13 eruption in...'

          The word seems to subtley suggest that we have no clue to what might cause such vents to occur. And in reality I think is more like no one wants to acknowledge the cause.

          200 acres of rain forest destroyed every two weeks so that we can drive ours cars. Ozone emissions, oil drilling ect...

          Its as if admitting that our own consumption of these products, will in some way lay the responsiblity in our own hands...Well in truth, thats the way it works people. We are to blame, face it - then maybe we can change it. Or we can expect those making billions and killings millions to have a change of heart - move away from their god complexes - and rush to our rescue.

          I have an idea...why dont we wait for the other guy to deal with the mess...or maybe our grandchildren. seems like the trend.

          Can anyone tell me why this 'information dumping' is relevant. Information is great when you dont know something. But it seems to me we know and do nothing...dont worry if you fail to think, someone will do the thinking for you.

          ps. hey how far did the death prophet push the date back for that rock that is going to hit the sure if you could wait long enough just such an event would happen.
  • Let's be wise and Open our 'eye'....

    The "Day of Destiny" was a scam to divert peoples attention away from 'Divine Strake'

    It's so important now, more than ever, to be more aware (sharpen our 'psychic' intuition) and become insightful to those, especially ex-army personell, who perpetrates "Doomsday Dogma" based on ET connections.... its not the ET's that are going to save us, it is ourselves.

    You bet that when fears of "Doomsday Spread" that there is something else that someone is trying to hide. The people who really "see" and know prophecy are NOT specifying a 'certain date', ever. If and when something is shown thru vision or prophecy, those who are True prophets always gift people with the understanding that we can divert any calamity thru our own inherent powers and prayers, and that 'dates' are not written in stone. The "power" is within us.

    Behold, the day is coming soon come when the sky opens and the Earth shall spin at a different rate, in a new domain. All will be revealed and changed.... and yes, her presence will come like a thief in the night.... no one really knows what hour or day the "birth (re-birth)" will fully reap its timely alignment to shed the old skin. The cosmos is shifting and rebalancing Law and Order thru out the Universe. The quantum will of Life itself, as in the dying leaves of Autumn, is moved deeply thru the loving force of Universal Mind as we approach another galactuic season. We do not really fully know when...just know that she is coming.... the labour pains have already begun.... and like a midwife awaiting and seeing the signs of birth, we too should be ready, cleansing and clearing our minds from the contageous fevour of the Royal illusion of fame and fortune. In this Time, all those who wish to spread fear, lies, antagonizing war and confusion will be humbled and exposed bare.

    I'm so glad that they did not blow the bomb. What a silly thing....

    Lets stop spreading fear....
    • Mystica,

      The article/Link is worthy of more attention...perhaps.

      I only have one question, after reading the article I did not find a noticable connection between the two events. How did Day of Destiny bs divert attention - directly - from Divine Strake? I cant see that it did.

      The dates dont coinside...Unless you wish to suggest that the Nevada Sun press release regarding Divine Strake,on May 26, 2006 is signs of a connection. And that bird wont fly.

      Perhaps, your hypothesis about 'ex-millitary' types has merit. But until you can show where the two are connected...your first paragraph was not only false, but misleading and fearful speculation.

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