Getting into the Fourth Dimension

topic posted Sun, March 25, 2007 - 11:58 AM by  Rahim
I once heard a Sufi teacher say something like: "Meditation is not just for relaxation. We need to get into the fourth dimension."

I have some thoughts on what this may mean, but first I'd like to hear from others. What does it mean to get into the 4th dimension?
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  • When time as we "know" it "shifts", we've crossed the corridor into 4-D where "time travel" occurs and is more than an observation. This is progressive dimensionalism and its occurence seemingly corresponds to orient's Ching time table as well as Mayan long count.
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    i would suggest it would either mean astral travel, or a way to reach altered states of consciousness.
    • What you say seems interesting, Aleksonder, but I have no idea what you mean. Could you say more?

      One impression I have is that experiencing the fourth dimension involves broadening one's awareness out beyond the sensory impressions of the present moment. One straight-forward example is to look at each person one encounters as an evolving creature, in motion through time, connected with the Whole. If I identify a person with what s/he is doing at that moment, I limit that person to that association, that event or activity. I could do the same with myself, identifying my essence with a passing feeling, thought, action.

      If my sense of the present begins to warble, to shift a bit--if I begin to experience memories deeply, vividly, blurring with the present, and I begin to see the possibilities of the future vividly, perhaps I am beginning to enter the 4th on a conscious level. At a higher level of function, if I can break my consciousness away from the body's current sensations, withdraw my energies from the five senses (plus mind) and move out, I can move my psyche through time and begin to receive impressions.

      Presumably one's power to do this is correlated with intention. If I truly wish to serve the Whole, greater energies can move through me because I am only the vessel, with my ego more or less "on the shelf."
      • When all unifies as one, intuition rules over thoughts, feelings and actions. The promptings become instantaneous manifestations. Kharmic connections are immediately experienced. Our quickening is maximized at zero point. Rapid transformation is upon us.
  • It's not all gospel like people wanna think, the Auric Field is seen in the Fourth Dimension, Spirits are seen in the Fourth Dimension. Spirit World is Embodied in the Fourth Dimension... you can access the 4th Dimension by simply knowing C 3 P O...
    Within O... There R4 Parts. 4 Directions, When you see 3 Possibilities... there is a fourth Part (O) that you cannot see with your eyes. Now how do you see?
    We're constantly sending signals like a radio tower through space into the Fourth Dimension. If anyone wants a drawing on what the 4th dimension looks like on a Grid, lemme know, Although it might look impossible... It's just beecause LIFE is a Mystery, you think God wood really give control of Spiritual actions to a bunch of Hoodlums that wanna wreck everything???
    To get in the 4th Dimension means to bee... within your minds eye, or just being in your spirit body (dreamworld is one place spirit world is another)
    We're in the 3d realm and 4d at the same time... the melting together place...
    Check out my blog on the story of the Navajo and the 5th world...
    As far as like people that think they gotta go WAAAAYY out there into space just to access the 4th dimension... that's just a waste of time... they're actually doing something else they don't wanna tell you all about. They're working in the 4th Dimension. But... anyways... It's as simple as CLOSING YOUR EYES and viewing the 3rd Eye by rolling your eyes up, let the image dissolve, look forward, then roll them back up and you'll start seeing movie like things.
    I know have access to full color spectrum and depth perception, the pictures are clear now and everything isn't a BLUR...
    Lemme know what you think...