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Jess is a telepath who communicates with Christ Michael and others. This is a follow-up to Candace Frieze's message from Christ Michael, Sananda and Monjorenson which I posted last Thursday.

Again, I solely present this for your consideration at what appears to be a critical moment in our times.



I asked about the generally negative reactions to Candace's message. This is what I heard from Christ Michael.

Journal 10-28-06

Christ Michael Aton I ask for comments today. This is a time of negative reactions reaching the surface. This is a time of disbelief in future events. This is a time of unwillingness to examine another possible way of following one's path. Please speak to these issues. Please assure us of our ability to ascertain our direction and our best situation to examine our path.

Yes, Jess, I hear you and I will speak this afternoon. The information I sent through Candace was difficult to accept, hard to believe. This is because people in America are predisposed to a quick fix and a happy ending. This is a fiction that has been foisted upon you by the church and by Hollywood, in a sense. This illusion of simple resolution has been a weak link in the chain we have needed to form to enact the next phases of reclamation and ascension. Earth must be restored to its pristine condition. Man is part of Earth. His spirit and energy are not separate commodities. His quick decisions and supposed wants are not a priority. They are built upon thoughts that have been nurtured for centuries of acculturated inbreeding and dumbing down in intellectual pursuits. People don't think they are able to rise above the given and their thoughts and visions are predicated upon the limited baggage they have been taught.

Let's speak more of the coming events and the role the lightworkers will play in them. Mother Earth—GAIA, to use that name—is healing her distorted visage and regenerating her depleted energy. She has given much to man because she has wanted to preserve his ability to survive. This has cost her much and has almost caused her to sacrifice her current existence. Think about that when you bemoan your present circumstances. Earth almost died for you. And you have been a very uncaring recipient of her unlimited bounty. She has cried out to us in her last moments, and we have determined to allow her to come back to life and resume her path of ascendancy. This is tied in with all who inhabit her body. Just as you derive your energy in part from her, so does she derive her sustenance and nourishment from you and your actions. Again you have taken much more than you have given back. This is now changing. Her parameters are once again determining yours to the extent that your survival is now dependant upon her, and upon her method of achieving this.

Whatever we determine is the best course of action for her is what will happen. This involves reshaping her form and reconstituting her etheric bodies by changing the electronic grid that constitutes her firmament and her magnetic polarity. Just as you feel a sense of calm and peace when you mediate and force your physical body to realign its chemical processes into one of stillness and fluid interchange, so must Mother Earth move into a new form of stillness and peace.

This will involve physical reshaping as well as electrical. It's rather like Mother Earth is a guest on Nip/Tuck and having her surface made beautiful with the removal of excess skin and unsightly growths. Sunken surface features will be returned to achieve a global balance of energy. Global proportions will be shifted to allow a more perfect vehicle for her purpose. The ozone will be removed to allow the new absorption of photon energies. Her firmaments will be restored to allow the energy to be distributed and balanced again. This is a complicated process that must be accomplished quickly. This has been postponed much longer than was advisable when considering a smooth transition.

However, we of the galactic forces are perfectly capable of helping her achieve her goals. Man is a consideration in drawing up the game plan that must be carried out, but he is not the priority. My energy is distributed just as freely to the rocks and plants as it is to the lightworkers. Particularly those with vested interests who don't want to listen to my larger scheme of evolution and ascension. Earth will ascend into a planet of light and life and the inhabitants who have agreed to work to that end will be part of this change. Inhabitants who have not determined this upheaval to be part of their evolutionary plan will not be a part of it. I don't kill people at a whim and I don't cause disasters as punishment. Everything that happens is for a reason and everyone that experiences that situation does so for the purpose of learning and deriving new information we all can use. Every one individual is unique, and the experiences and perspectives of each have their own uniqueness. The information each person contributes to the vastness of knowing is his or her own contribution.

The information Candace gave that was provided by Monjoronson and by me is correct. You may accept it or not. It is your decision. I ask you to examine always why you make a decision and see why you have determined your choice. That is how you grow and how you follow your path more clearly each day. Everyone has their own path, and that path leads them wherever they realize they must go to participate in the scenarios they need to learn from. There is not one happy ending for everyone, in the Hollywood sense. There is the assurance that you wouldn't be on Earth at this time unless you weren't contributing a major piece of your energy to affecting the outcome of what has been determined to be by heaven and the Creator Source through me, Aton of Nebadon.

That is my comment for this afternoon. Post as you wish and determine to be most proper.

Aton of Nebadon
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New Jersey
  • how passive aggressive of both John and Christ Michael...
    • Hm. Passive aggressive. Interesting.
      Care to engage in conversation?
      Or is that all you have to say?
      • John,

        Well, of course I have much more to say, but essentially it would be a spelled out version of what I already said in short. Yet, sure, I can engage, and I could be wrong, but I don't think you're asking 'cause you are open to what I have to say. Perhaps it's more of calling me out on the brevity of my intervention?

        I didn't consult with an interdimensional version of myself or any ascended Being in order to come up with it though. I didn't "transmit" an otherworldly text to support what I wanted to say, which is what I witnessed you doing and why I commented that it was "passive aggressive" of you and your disembodied universal CEO to engage in such tactics. I do know that even higher dimensionals engage in such emotionally contortionist tactics in order to substantiate what they want to put out there, regardless of the much touted belief that ascended masters should not engage in what appear to be very base manipulative and reactive human dynamics. I for one am completely "equal opportunity" around the fact that "enlightened ones" can misbehave.

        So there it is, what I have to say. I was completely hands off when you first posted as I support your right to freely express your beliefs and would like to think of 2012 as demonstrative of an era when we learn to cohabitate with a stretch of beliefs beyond those able to tolerate each other today. And yet, I did have to openly note that you had entered a whole other realm with your "going back to the big cheese and getting more ammo" move. If you were swathing your original posts with disclaimers to the effect of "only out there for other's consideration" then why act all attached to your message as being a "truth" by aiming to punch it home? Coming back with additional comments about how those that don't get it are merely in denial and that you (all) hope we don't find out too late that we should 'ave listened...'cause that was the gist of what Christ Michael had to say...

        and Christ Michael is who? a combo of the Christos with Archangel Michael? What strain is this? Reptilian Christos Office, Sananda of the Melchizedek house?

        have to get up awfully late in the day of this era between 1987 and 2012 to not get the schmelting pot of references splattered throughout your Christ's adages...theosophy, christianity, galacto speak, melchizedek, more...all thrown together into a composite ascended bring a message that is old as the hills, outdated, nihilistic, psychotically narcissistic, violent, lazy, spiritually materialistic, fear based...

        oh yeah, that last part was my own personal opinion on what you and your exalted one have brought to the table. It's not inspiring. It's your right to say it, but it's not spiritual. It's contrived propaganda, perhaps a marketing ploy to empty out the coasts in order to lower real estate values and buy out for future resurgence once the "scare" is best....
        • Thank you Rebecca,

          I am open very much open to what you others have to say here. These messages, I think over 65 of them from Candace Frieze, many others from Jess and Lauren, have gone out to a relatively small community of 'New-Agers'. I recently joined and decided to post to the relative sites. So, it is very interesting to see the reactions of other beyond the usual suspects.

          I am presenting this material that I have become aquianted with over the last two years, and have come to believe and experience as my truth for yours and others consideration. I posted Jess' message as it is part of an ongoing conversation. I honestly don't feel the need to defend what's written or to go "back to the big cheese and getting more ammo". That's pretty funny actually.

          My 'agenda' is to present another point of view of what's happening in these days that are leading up to 2012.

          Thank you for taking the time to 'engage'.

          "and Christ Michael is who?"
          Creator of our local universe, Nebadon. A relatively new universe of aproximately 700,000 Universes that make up creation. He is unique in that he's taken on a much more active role than other Creators in similar positions. He definitely has a sense of humor. The Urantia book is good source for more info on this actually embodied CEO. is also a good updated source.

          • John - you display a dangerous certainty in your posts which would alert anyone's bullshit detection system.

            You offer a message that destroys 6/7ths of the population and pass it off as an "alternative point of view to consider". Excuse me but why in the world would anyone want to consider such as message unless they themselves possesed a death wish at some level of their being?

            I can only surmise that you get off on fear mongering and polarization. Perhaps Republican politics is a better outlet for your alternative point of view then posing as a enlighted soul.
            • Steven,

              I am quite certain of what I post here, this is true. Whether you except it or not is entirely up to you.

              I would say that I have a different understanding of 'death' than most. Death as it is commonly (mis)understood is an illusion, as it is a transition and not final. People who have had Near Death Experiences can attest to this. Choice plays a role in all of this at deeper levels of our being. Earth is transitioning to a 5d planet and being restored to its original purpose. The universe is full of life and holds other possibilities for those who will no longer reside here. Many, by their choice, will choose to go to other places.

              I must add, that when Monjoronson first presented the information about the coming decimation back in July, it was devasting news. It was first discussed in a Urantia Teaching Mission group. [ ] and roundly rejected by many including Candace Frieze. [] Candace of AbundantHope then confirmed this information and posted her own message from Monjorson [], which was profoundly difficult for her and many in our community.

              Fear mongering, polarization, Republican politics are not my thing Steven. I chuckle as I write this as I've had my fair share of name calling even in my short time here on tribe, but I've never been called a Republican! (Those are fighting words man, let's take this outside). Serioiusly though, I cannot control yours or other reactions to what I've posted. However, I do believe that chaos is a great teacher on the path to understanding greater truths.

              In my walk I have asked for the unvarnished truth, I have asked for the Universe to give it to me straight, no bullshit. What I've been posting here is part of the answer that I have received.
              Thank you.

          • well thanks for receiving my fuller engagement gracefully John and for demonstrating that you were open.

            I totally get it that you're getting something out of these messages, that's cool. The only suggestion I would make that may assist your stated goal of getting people outside of your belief construct to "consider" these ideas is to figure out how to hold them as "personal truths" as reflected in these words from Candace Frieze, or Christ Michael, rather than actual "truths." I see that it may be difficult as this is the way the material is presented by Christ Michael himself, so even when you figure out how to be less attached to it as ultimate truth, you'll be battling the way the "creator" posited the issue to begin with.

            Hmmm. I guess I could say that it's this absolutism on the part of the Aton of Nebaton that perplexes me. I don't know, but I imagined that the creator of this universe, a multidimensional quantum reality composed of an infinite number of probabilities and possibilities would be presenting a message, a philosophy or perspective that is at least inclusive of multiplicity of outcome rather than touting a fixed one.
            • Hi Rebecca,
              Thank you for your very helpful suggestions. I will continue to ponder and consider them.

              "I imagined that the creator of this universe, a multidimensional quantum reality composed of an infinite number of probabilities and possibilities would be presenting a message, a philosophy or perspective that is at least inclusive of multiplicity of outcome rather than touting a fixed one."

              I would say that the outcomes are not fixed. We too are the creators and we play the critical role in what the outcomes will be. Christ Michael and friends are providing the opening and clearing the way so that the lightworkers can get to work. I believe in our capabilities, I believe that we can go well beyond what we can possibly imagine at this point, but we need the current holders of the 'cards' out of the way. This what will happen shortly.
  • "Whatever we (how about she!)
    determine is the best course of action for her is what will happen (arrogent egotistical blind!).
    This involves reshaping her form and reconstituting her etheric bodies by changing the electronic grid that constitutes her firmament and her magnetic polarity (yeah sure micheal or whoever, i'm sure you know all about mamma earth's bodie(s), not! i say to those who want to help heal with gaea, work WITH her and she will let you know...)
    Just as you feel a sense of calm and peace when you mediate and force your physical body to realign its chemical processes into one of stillness and fluid interchange, so must Mother Earth move into a new form of stillness and peace. (ummmm, how about YOU "move into a new form of stillness and peace" out in the wild for a year and then come tell me your thoughts on what "new forms" mamma needs to "move into." i think the onis to change is on our culture, not our mother.)

    This will involve physical reshaping as well as electrical. (uh, been spending too much time in your wired box house have ya dicarnate being?)
    It's rather like Mother Earth is a guest on Nip/Tuck and having her surface made beautiful with the removal of excess skin and unsightly growths. (yup, in a box, watching a box. the culture that leads to these "ideas" is the "unsightly growth." i feel mamma earth has been "nipped and tucked" enough!)
    Sunken surface features will be returned to achieve a global balance of energy. Global proportions will be shifted to allow a more perfect vehicle for her purpose. " ("a more perfect vehicle for her purpose" -this makes me feel like the tiger who ate thirty villagers. %$#& you (micheal, or whoever)!)

    • Unsu...
      I just don't like the idea put forth that GAEA is something to be shaped, to be molded, as if she wasn't alive already. Way too presumptious and preposterous. GAEA IS ALIVE, not something being grown in a greenhouse.

      Sorry. Bullshit meter is way off the charts on this one.
      • Unsu...
        another great example of FNA's belief system (Fundamental New Agers) which goes hand in hand with the fundamental Christian mindset.......all basd on blind belief and wishfull thinking.
        NESARA is a scam, part of the COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Programm) of the FBI, in order to infiltrate Disinformation and bogus organizations to mislead the average new ager who swallows anything that sounds like a peace and love star trek scenario.
        Do your research on NESARA and you will see where it leads you. Any "channeling" that talks about NESARA being real and true can be dismissed as disinformation right away. Of course the new age fundamenatlist will argue this and defend his/her beliefs until the sun dies....just like the fundamental christian mindset, not realizing the stupidity of the nature of Beliefs themselves.
        It's just like a new religion, based on blind beilef.
        The one remedy I found that helps against these kind of scams and helps to truly understand the nature of reality and what is meant by "ascension" is about 5g of psilocybin mushrooms, a hit of DMT, ayahuasca or any other sacred plant that can help (with the right intent, set and setting and right dose) to break through ones bellief systems and ego chatter and see for oneself what lies on the other side. It's much more grounding, based on experience and not belief. But that's just me. Ascension is a state of mind. You can get there at any time, anywhere. It's called being in the Now.
        In the meantime, have fun with the "scotty, beam me up scenario"! Surely would make a great movie.

        for more info on COINTELPRO and the dillusions of the new age movement read this excellent article:

        little excerpt:

        Considering all of this, would anybody care to suggest that it did not also occur to the Powers that Be that the chief means of diverting attention and covering up the truth would be to literally fund and create the “New Age” and “Human Potential movement" so that it would follow their agenda of keeping secrets? So that it would create a New Religion of Aliens that THEY controlled?

        In other words, it is extremely likely that the most successful and popular of Metaphysical Mavens and New Age Impresarios are COINTELPRO agents - either conscious or dupes of those who are. The objective seems to be to attack and “neutralize” those who are seeking the answers. Those who are sincere, who do bona fide research and seek to explicate the truth, are infiltrated, attacked, and marginalized according to standard COINTELPRO procedures.

        What all of this seems to suggest is that the Powers That Be (PTB) have developed COINTELPRO to an all new level of Social Shaping, Cultural Brainwashing, and the main targets of this activity would include virtually anyone who is seeking the truth about the shifting realities of our world. The cases of COINTELPRO activities against political groups must be no more than the tip of the iceberg, given that the great bulk of COINTELPRO-type operations remain secret until long after their damage has been done. By all indications, domestic covert operations have become a permanent feature of U.S. politics and Social Programming, and it is hardly likely, considering the evidence, that the New Age and Human Potential fields are exempt.


        What seems to be so is that most of the New Age and Human Potential movement consists of a new sub-set of programmers that work to “prepare the ground,” so to speak, so that the audience will be warmed up and ready for the final drama. They are the “sales team” that sells the ideas upon which the “closer” depends for success. They are here, now, in our world running New Age Circuses, seminars, workshops and “methods” or techniques for “ascension,” or accomplishing any of a dozen occult or purported spiritual aims. They are the New Age COINTELPRO in its function of creating “bogus organizations.”
        • ohmy!

          this is quite the thread... the bullshit is flying high and low for sure.

          counter intelligence is a perfect word for this.... goodgoddess i love all this "insider" speak!

          now all we need is for Leslie to pop in here and tell us all how a raw food diet will save the dayz...

          believe in hugs!
          • hugz

            Yes, believe in hugs. Isn't that why we wanted physical bodies? Oh yes, and here's the raw food plug (I get royalties from the Organic Grower's Assn. for promoting their products) Hug you GaiaMama's energies by eating your food raw and unburnt! When you cook it (like a drug) it drug. It all happens so slowly that you can't tell you are growing dull and dis-easy....relative to your potential being that you could be if you ate a high or total raw diet. What about this doesn't make perfect sense apart from being unable or unwilling to resist the smells and memories of cooking foods? (Hint: those smells are the good things in the food being burned and vaporized into the air...smells good like incense, but degraded in it's vitality)

            Hug your living foods...don't kill them and 'hug' (eat) them and expect to be hugged back in terms of life vibrations coming from the food into your cells. If cooked, all you get is dead chemistry....keeps you alive but shortens you life and dulls your being.

            Oh yes, and if you eat raw, it helps heal your entire organism (body, mind, emotions, spirit) so you can reconnect with your higher self and not be unduly swayed by the channeled materials and power plays from on high that are descending from every direction these days....

            save the dayz, we are the liberators of ourselves and each out for precooked & flying bullshit, and shop mostly in the organic produce section where angelic beings sing songs to the vegetative cells as they hope to live on as humanity cells rather than being sacrificed as firegod fodder.....

            Raw food diet is the Highest, Realest Magic you can perform on yourself and it now or wait till you fully understand that it is best not to build you house on a bed of ashes. Raw diet is not everything, it is just So basic..... helps avoid SO many unnecessary problems and perplexities......
            • Re: hugz

              yaY for raW!

              at the least... for gadsakes... stop killing animals.

              i'm looking for a cheap dehydrator.... got any leads?

              • Re: hugz

                ok... who's next up for this silly thread?

                where is Theo? shouldn't he be in here telling us all how this is Pinchbeck's fault?
              • Re: hugz

                The cheap dehydrators are the round ones. Be sure and get one with a thermostat to avoid heating over 110 degrees or so, so you don't end up cooking the enzymes, etc. Get them new for $40, sometimes at wally world or other discount stores....or sometimes for $10-15 used. Teflon inserts are needed for doing stuff like raw crackers. If you want the best, get an Excaliber brand. You can get all kinds on Ebay of course.

                yes, go vegan at least, for the sake of's not difficult and it's clearly the right move

                taking a flying hug at the moon.....

                PS got no issue with channeling .....just need/prefer to keep a focus on channeling more of one's own spirit (higher self) ....channeling others might be good practice for some but subject to the kinds of criticisms seen here due to all the issues with hierarchical programs verses self-realization focus.... which I see as the real purpose of this whole experiment with interdimensional harmonization and physical reality creation (and to get some galdern hugs)
                • Re: hugz

                  thanks Leslie!

                  yeah... that's pretty much what i've come up with so far. a used excaliber sounds like a good choice... though it's gotta be vegan. understandably we don't much want one that's been drying up dead animal flesh.

                  n'yeahhh... i'm right there with you on channeling one's own higher self instead of relying on other people's reports of their own. pretty much for exactly the same way you oh so interestingly said it.

                  now... back to my hijack attempt.... i gotta say i've become quite the fan of brewers yeast in my apple juice for breakfast. it's the new crack!

                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.

                    Re: hugz

                    P.S. i Love you too Bridgid!

        • What is real and what is disinformation can be very difficult to determine in these moments.
          Is what I'm saying here and posting represent truth, disinformation, or something else? A good question.
          Thanks for your contribution Bernard.
          • Unsu...


            This is too frickin funny now. David, Leslie, I love you muy mucho. Especially you, David, but that's because I've hugged you.

            PS Excalibur dehydrators are the best.

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