Anyone read this amazing new 2012 book?

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I have just received a copy of Beyond 2012 and can't put it down. It got a rave review here:

and so far I agree. I have pasted the review below. Its only out in the UK at the moment, but its actually reduced so much on Amazon UK that the postage is paid for. There are drawings, diagrams, photos, charts and graphs, colour pages and all the notes and references, indexes you could need. They're calling it "the 2012 encyclopedia" on Amazon UK. Has Anyone else on the 2012 tribe read it yet?

2012 BOOK CREATES A STIR - 03/06/2006

Geoff Stray’s magnum opus ‘Beyond 2012’ has gone a long way to spread the word far and wide about the possibilities of some kind of huge shift, symbolic or physical, in the year 2012, an event seemingly long indicated in ancient writings and calendars, and apparently reflected in several crop formations. MIRANDA JOYCE reviews the book…

Several years back, I can remember buying a thin stapled booklet called ‘Beyond 2012’ at a crop circle conference. I bought it from its author Geoff Stray, who seemed to be very much a lone figure in promoting the 2012 subject in those days. For some time this was my only contact with the many different prophecies for the year 2012, and it was a Godsend, a compendium of all the theories and beliefs under one cover.

Now we have the proper book version of ‘Beyond 2012’, hugely expanded, beautifully produced and unrecognisable from its humble forbear, but I am delighted to find that it still retains its vital balance of viewpoints and sweep of coverage. Nearly every theory, however extreme or obscure, gets touched on at least briefly (longer for the more credible ideas), and Mr Stray is one of the most thorough researchers of any subject that I have ever come across. He is open enough to give coverage to everything, but has enough discernment and honesty to say clearly when he thinks something has validity and when it does not. The style is never less than authoritative, but also manages to be witty and sharp, entertaining even as it educates.

For some, the year 2012 brings thoughts of global change, upheaval, apocalypse. Others see it as a shift of consciousness, new spiritual awareness, higher frequencies. Several different cultures of the ancients (not just the famous Maya) appear to have had knowledge of a significant time cycle, which may bring either some of these turmoils or delights, none of them, or all of them - hence the full title of the book: ‘Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy’. Taken together with modern predictions by various means, scientific and mystical, there is something of substance here. Knowing exactly what to expect is the problem, and the urgency in wanting to know comes because the next turning of the cycle appears to be 21st December 2012, according to most observers of the predictions. Is the heart of the cycle about astronomy? Weather or geological cycles? Psychic development? Returning gods? Extra-Terrestrial intervention?

Anyone wanting to get a good fix on what this 2012 business is all about should start with this book – there is simply no other source out there that I have found which provides such a huge overview of the whole phenomenon. This book is well-written, well-reasoned and exhaustively comprehensive. That said, it is not the easiest of reads - nor should it be. Some of the information is necessarily detailed, leaving no stone unturned in its mission to get to the heart of a belief or theory. And some of the base information is of its nature complex – the Maya calendar, for instance, the most publicly-known area of 2012 prophecy, is not simple to explain, and one must persevere to get through some of the fine details. Doing so brings rewards – the key to understanding IS in this book when one relaxes and simply absorbs. But if the calculations and charts do get too much, it is still possible to skip through them and yet retain clear understanding of the point being made. In other words, you will not read this book at a single session over a cup of coffee. It’s not like that, and life is not like that. Instead, you have 352 pages of incredibly well-researched information that may change your life, depending on what level the data hits home.

Crop circles figure significantly at key points of the book and, as we know, several agriglyphs in recent years have directly referenced the 2012 time cycle. The circles get a whole chapter to themselves, and Mr Stray’s revelations about the multi-layered correlations to 2012 and numerological connections of the formations in question are astonishing and make one look again at the incredible purpose (or at least universal connectedness) with which the circles seem to be made.

The book itself is well-presented and full of explanatory illustrations, colour and black and white, and, joy of joys – it has a detailed index. This makes it a very valuable research tool for anyone with even a little interest in the 2012 phenomenon and its satellite subjects, as relevant bits of the many ideas covered in the book can be checked so easily. So many books these days are let down woefully by the lazy omission of such an obviously useful feature. There are also lots of comprehensive references and notes which give all the pointers to further information that anyone could want.

If you are curious in any way with what might happen in 2012, and want to know what the key hopes and fears are - and whether it is something we should be concerned about or not - then ‘Beyond 2012’ is essential reading.

After all, it’s only six years away.

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    Tue, June 6, 2006 - 9:19 PM
    I'll just mention that Geoff Stray, the author of this book, maintains the world's most comprehensive 2012 website:

    He's also a Tribe member:

    Perhaps he'll join us for a discussion...
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      Re: Anyone read this amazing new 2012 book?

      Tue, June 6, 2006 - 10:48 PM
      good to know about this book... I have poked around that "Beyond 2012" site, and it is so vast and scattered with tangential hyperlinks if has always felt unapproachable... having the bulk of all that info in a book one can hold in one's hand, that might be the right ticket for me to delve into it... thanks for the 'heads up'...
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        Thu, June 8, 2006 - 2:09 AM
        In the words of John Major Jenkins, who wrote the forward in Geoff's book; 'Geoff is the first 2012ologist'

        Beyond 2012 is without doubt the finest book that there is on this subject. Coming from a neutral space, Geoff has woven together a vast amount of information and created the definative library of matters 2012 (and beyond!).

        If you thought you had read all you needed on the subject of 2012, think again. Geoff has raised the Galactic standard for the benefit of us all. To facilitate a paradigm change, shift of conciousness or any cosmic portal party, we must first be clear about the information around us. There is so much dis-information around as well as half truths cut and pasted with two quarters of three quarter truths, that its all really confusing. After all, I am just a humble system buster trying to do my job. Thank Hunab Ku that Geoff showed up.

        Before you choose your next reality give this book a read first, it may just make you think (or even feel) again. Essential reading!
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          Thu, June 8, 2006 - 5:12 AM
          Very true, Carlkin!

          I have just been jumping ahead in the book after becoming fascinated with the mention of Dr Michael Persinger's work, in which he connects sudden increases in geomagnetic activity to an increase in ghosts and poltergeists, and quiet geomagnetic activity with more successful remote viewing and telepathy experiments. Further on in the book, it is revealed that Persinger has also correlated UFO sightings to geological fault lines, and suggests they could be formed of plasma in the ionised air above the fault, and this is tied in with work from Romanian scientists in which plasma spheres are found to be transient life-forms. Then I saw the "Vacuum Domains" section - Dmitriev's work on plasma spheres shows they are on the increase and connected to a buildup of plasma on the edge of the heliosphere...

          Then there's Persinger's work with his magnetic helmet, altered states of consciousness and people with temporal lobe epilepsy, and his theory of the "geopsyche", right at the end of the book. Fascinating stuff, methinks.

          Then I returned to p.151, and re-read the extract from parapsychjologist, Serena Roney-Dougall, about girls' sense of direction improving radically at puberty, and got one of those "aha" moments, looked up magnetic in the index, found magnetite, then found Albert Budden's work, (whose wife is an abductee), and saw that we all have magnetite in the pineal gland, went back through the Shamanic section, and had another "aha" moment, as the connections between the "Psi molecule", the "Spirit molecule", endogenous magnetite, geomagnetic field fluctuations, Earth changes and the calendrical timing systems all started to fit together!

          I now have intellectual indigestion, but want to know more about Persinger. If you're reading this, Geoff, can you give us any more info?
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          Fri, June 9, 2006 - 5:35 AM

          The definitive guide to 2012! All Paradigm Shifters/Light Workers - This is it - get the manual !!! I’M SERIOUS - There's no more excuses for procrastinating, endless debating (no action) navel gazing, for whingeing and whining about - Whasgonnahappen? Yes that stuff's all been essential in the past - but to me, this book reinforces the need to take responsibility – ACTION now.

          In Love, Light & SELF Empowerment - AYEM.
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    Thu, June 8, 2006 - 2:02 PM
    Geoff Stray the author is an awesome guy, he has done nothing short of creating a treatise on 2012! Definitely worth it.
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      Thu, June 8, 2006 - 5:13 PM
      Persinger's website is here:
      I found the "Tectonic Strain" section to be the most fascinating - here is an extract:

      "Tectonic Luminous phenomena occur within areas of strain load and release such as near rivers, reservoirs and fault lines. Sudden or excessive changes in water levels (and hence mass) are the most common predisposing factor. The pressures required to generate these phenomena are within the range created by human technology. For example the Derby, Colorado microquake swarm produced by pumping millions of gallons of fluid per month into the upper crust was associated with a "flap" of luminous phenomena that were labelled as "UFOs". Spatial and temporal gradient analysis indicated that luminous events slowly moved "away" from the source of injection. The velocity of this potentially "aseismic" wave moved at about 100 km/month. If these waves are associated with movement of water then the contaminants at the point of injection could be diffusing over hundreds of km although the time period would require several months to years.

      "The luminous event itself appears to be a powerful energetic source that generates powerful magnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation over a large spectrum. When the energy is within the visible wavelength, it can be seen. If the ball emerges from the ground radon residuals are measurable. If the ball strikes the ground the essential components of the upper crust, silicon, magnesium and sometimes iron materials can be found. The electrical currents induced by these powerful fields are sufficient to affect electronic circuits (lights, power grids, etc) and to directly stimulate the human body. Because of the brain's electrical sensitivity, altered perceptions, tingling sensations and "dream-like" states can be induced. If the current induction is excessive, convulsions occur followed by unconsciousness, posttraumatic amnesia, and reconstructive confabulation. In extreme cases death from cardiac failure or frank carbonization could occur."

      There are a few related links at Whats new item 115, "Temporal Lobe Epilepsy and 2012" here;
      and there has been a synchronistic posting on this very subject on the 2012 tribe, "Electro-Magnetics (EM) - Frequency - & Results from Exposure", here:

      In Beyond 2012, on p.270, I suggested that taking iron pills, or drinking iron-rich spring water, such as that from the red spring at Chalice Well in Glastonbury, and visiting sacred sites (particularly stone circles, which Paul Devereux found lie mostly on or near geological, faults), in order to gently increase pineal and sinusoidal magnetic sensitivity (of the magnetite in the pineal gland and sinuses - Budden shows a x-section of the ethnoid/spheroid sinus bones showing the magnetite layers). I also suggested practising out-of-body techniques. I was thus quite amazed to recently find an advertisement on this very 2012 tribe, of a "paranormal pill" , that supposedly triggers astral projection, the pills being composed of magnetite plus essential nutrients to build new neuronal networks that can support the resulting increase in paranormal abilities. This is the link:

      If anybody on the 2012 tribe has tried this magnetite supplement, please tell us about it - did you get the results advertised? The supplement is also claimed to increase telepathic abilities, enable the seeing of auras, and other positive effects.
      • Re: Anyone read this amazing new 2012 book?

        Fri, June 9, 2006 - 12:31 AM
        Wow! Thanks for that, Geoff! Is there some more natural alternative than taking pills, do you think? The magnetite pill site suggests that years ago, people may have had a diet containing more traces of magnetite. Does anyone here know of vegetarian food sources with magnetite content?
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          Tue, July 11, 2006 - 3:24 PM
          why eat magnetite? everything in balance, the ancients also had 84+ other minerals in their food, eat mineral rich food and you will get the magnetite (iron binaries) in properly balanced and assimable (colloidal) portions
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    Sat, June 10, 2006 - 2:12 AM
    Again, I have to agree with Carlkin. This book has been both and eye opener and a confirmer, linking subjects and theories together in a very logical way. the research is extremely thorough and cross referenced. you can see where ideas came from and how they have been developed. It is also written in a very understandable way so even novices to the area can get a rapid acceleration of learning .
    • Re: Anyone read this amazing new 2012 book?

      Sat, June 10, 2006 - 2:13 PM
      Thanks, I'll look forward to hearing your results, Jonathan!

      Ariadne, I haven't managed to discover any magneite-containing plants, but there is a soil additive for organic gardening, called Paramagnetic Magnetite. It is designed to "help maximize a plant's ability to take up nutrients that the body needs and to maximize effective yield", but whether the magnetite gets into the plants, I don't know. However, the same stuff is also used as a food additive for racing pigeons, and a user claims " has cut my losses by 95%. I only lost 3 homers last year and raced them out to 400 miles..." More info here:

      Thus, it improves the ability of the pigeons to pinpoint the North magnetic pole and so increases navigation accuracy. This is one of the claims listed on the "Paranormal Pill" site for those taking the magnetite pills. One of the reasons that more homing pigeons are getting lost could be that the earth's magnetic field has been diminishing - most scientists agree that this has been going on for the last 2,000 years, though a recent report suggests it is not as long as that. The diminishing geomagnetic field strength is one of the factors that was observed in laboratory modelling of a geomagnetic inversion, in which the field gets weaker prior to inversion, with outbreaks of areas of reversed field appearing. We have one of these already in South Africa.

      Magnetic effects on consciousness are real (things have actually moved on since 1841), according to the work of Dr Walter Rawls - see his website at, and Jerry Decker's site on Free Energy, Gravity Control, Electronic Health & Alternative Science . Decker reports a phone conversation with Walter Rawls, from which I quoted in Beyond 2012, in which Rawls describes an experiment when he intended to attatch a bar magnet to his forehead for between 10 & 30 minutes a day for 4 weeks You can read the whole thing online here under "Florida Connection - Mental Shifts - I paste it below for convenience:

      "A mask was made which held the North pole end of a long cylindrical magnet over the pineal gland. The purpose was to stimulate the gland and see if there was anything to this 'third eye' business. Exposure was in the range of 10-30 minutes per day over a period of about 4 weeks.

      "Within the first week, he was sitting at his desk reading documents when he noticed something move out of the corner of his eye. As he looked up, the ghostly figure of a man had walked through one wall, moved across the room and disappeared through another wall. The figure was totally unaware of Walter. Further exposures to this North pole field took place over a second and third week.

      "The second week, the same ghostly figure moved through the room and glanced toward Walter as he passed through. This time, the figure appeared to have slightly more detail, not quite so ghostly.

      "The third week, busy working on documents, Walter noticed a change in the room. When he looked up, the wall had dissolved away and he was looking at a small hill where a man and woman sat beneath a tree. It was the same ghostly male figure who he'd seen on the other occasions. He sat quite still, watching this pastoral scene for several minutes.

      "The man looked over toward Walter and appeared startled. It was as if he clearly SAW Walter this time and possibly recognized Walter as the ghost he had seen the previous week! The image faded away and the wall restored to its normal condition. From that moment on, Walter never used the pineal stimulator again.

      "In conversations about this, with Walter and other interested people, it was mentioned that there is a theory that we have multiple energy bodies, much like the KA and the BA of ancient Egypt. Each energy body lives in another reality, yet communicates with our consciousness here in this reality.

      "Another comment was that consciousness simply creates an energy body in whatever reality it VISITS. Prolonged presence in a given reality increases the density of the energy body, moving from a phantom, ghostly form that was at first not easily perceptible to the inhabitants of the other reality until the intruding energy body had become sufficiently dense to trigger their senses.

      "That could explain why repeated exposures would add density to Walter's other reality body, allowing its denizens to perceive him, thus the startled reaction from the male figure."

      • Re: Anyone read this amazing new 2012 book?

        Sat, June 10, 2006 - 2:22 PM
        WARNING! By the way, the experiment above could be risky to the health, because bar magnets don't always have the poles labelled, and if the South pole is held to the head, by mistakee, it could cause a brain tumour!
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          Re: Anyone read this amazing new 2012 book?

          Sat, June 10, 2006 - 4:27 PM
          yikes... is that what happened to Terence McKenna?...

          have you studied any data on trepanation? I know that woman who leads the trepanation movement (what's her name) lives in England...
          • Re: Anyone read this amazing new 2012 book?

            Mon, June 12, 2006 - 5:21 AM
            Thanks for that Geoff, I'm going to try the magnetite on my organic vegetable plot - if I wasn't a vegetarian, I suppose I'd try going the pigeon route, then eating the pigeons...just joking...

            Anyway, I've just finished Beyond 2012, and must say I'm sort of buzzing as a result! The "ecstatic fusebox" section and preceding paragraphs just ties so many mysteries together that I'm sure you're on to something. I'm wondering what you're researching now, if you have any more books in the pipeline, and when the next update is due for the Diagnosis2012 website? Is it still monthly but late, or is it now bi or tri-monthly?

            Oh yes, one more question - I saw on Jonathan's bio that you were both in a movie with McKenna, Jenkins and others. Can you tell me more about the movie?
            • Re: Anyone read this amazing new 2012 book?

              Mon, June 12, 2006 - 5:41 AM
              Might be interested to know...I went to the Barnes & Nobles store my fruitless attempts to meet new and interesting people...(perhaps it is me who is not interesting).

              And to look for Beyond 2012 and anything McKenna...Beyond 2012 was not even in the catalog of books to that not the title? And of course the only book on McKenna B&N or the Enoch public library carries is...'Food of the Gods'...hmmm wonder why?

              Geoff, I would gladly pay you via Money Order if you have a copy for sale...I figure if Im ever going to be able to discuss the nuts and bolts of 2012 I had better get a platform from which to speak.

              My only reference is Ian Lundgold (and his impression of Dr. Callahan..via 4 hour video)...and I might say Ian seemed slightly off balance to me. Although the idea in general created many a currious thought.

              Well Im open for any suggestions at present for a reference book on 2012. Beyond 2012 is on my list. I have both of D.P.'s...
      • Re: Anyone read this amazing new 2012 book?

        Mon, June 12, 2006 - 1:05 PM
        It is worth asking whether a man who would stick a magnet to his head might already be inclined towards seeing things.

        Magnetite can behave in really strange and wonderful ways when it's suspended as a colloid in a ferrofluid:

        I don't know if this has *anything* to do with the way the pineal gland works (or whether it really contains magnetite), but maybe (just *maybe*) this is your brain on magnets:
        • Re: Anyone read this amazing new 2012 book?

          Tue, June 13, 2006 - 7:13 AM
          I can't really go into my current research at the moment, for various reasons, but as soon as its ready, I'll announce it on Diagnosis2012. Yes, there is another book in the pipeline, but again, its too early to go into detail. The updates have become less frequent, since the massive amount of time on the computer was affecting my health. Currently about every 3 months and work is in progress - next update is due by the end of this month...however, my computer had a near-death experience this morning...

          The movie is about 2012 and being made by Jay Weidner and may also feature Alberto Villoldo and some Peruvian shamans, as well as Braden, Aguelles, Streiber, McKenna, and Jonathan Bethel. It is due to be released this month, but there's no mention of it on Jay's Sacred Mysteries website yet so maybe it's running late.

          I don't know what's happened to the Adventures Unlimited site - it seems to be empty. I have looked in to shipping the books to USA and getting them distributed, but the shipping charges make the whole thing unviable, especially to get them on, since they require a hefty discount. My publisher is currently investigating having it printed in the USA to cut costs - distributors would probably incude Green Leaf Distribution.

          The publisher sells the book online at via Paypal, but Amazon Canada also have it on their site - I don't know if that would be cheaper -

          I do have some copies, but by the sound of it, it will be just as quick and cheap via


          • Re: Anyone read this amazing new 2012 book?

            Tue, June 13, 2006 - 11:01 AM
            Ooops! Forgot to mention the movie also includes John Major Jenkins.
            • Re: Anyone read this amazing new 2012 book?

              Wed, June 14, 2006 - 5:53 AM
              Thanks Ariadne! I had no idea there was a modern trepanation movement, Ferrara - I've been looking at the website at and it is pretty fascinating - the intro page is good- This is what happened at the end of the cult film, Pi, but I decided not to book myself in just yet.
              • Re: Anyone read this amazing new 2012 book?

                Wed, June 14, 2006 - 7:20 AM
                I don't buy any of the claims about ignorance of the benefits of trepanation. Archaeologists and physical anthropologists have studied this phenomenon for over a century (which is where the data about its antiquity comes from). The benefits of trepanation are well known, but not for the purposes given on this website.

                It's been my understanding that trepanation was the indicated treatment for subdural hematoma, a pooling of blood on the surface of the brain caused by a blunt head injury, such as that caused by getting bashed in the skull by a stone hammer or a rock thrown from a sling (think David & Goliath). In ancient South America, trepanation was most common in cultures like Paracas, on the south coast of Peru, where warfare with cloth slings was common (archaeologists have found lots of the slings and slingstones). I think people were bashing each other on the heads during Classical times and the Renaissance, too.

                Because a subdural hematoma often leads to unconsciousness or death, emergency trepanation on the site of a blunt head injury, usually visible on the surface of the head due to a contusion or laceration, can be a life-saving procedure . Ancient warriors in Peru often survived multiple trepanations. They were probably done with anaesthesia, since the ancient Peruvians were great consumers of corn beer and coca leaves (cocaine is still a preferred anaesthetic for craniofacial surgery). The favored techniques for making holes included both cutting and abrasion.

                I sincerely doubt that trepanations were undertaken as "elective" procedures for the purpose of spiritual enlightenment, but then what do I know?
                • trepenation & magnets

                  Wed, June 14, 2006 - 11:50 AM
                  the multiples mentions of peru reminds me of a chapter towards the beginning of Alberto Villoldo's book, The Four Winds, describing how a peruvian shaman drilled into villoldo's skull during his 'initiation'. the recollection is sketchy (been over 10 yrs since i read it), but i believe the hole was made in the pineal gland area, which could be a slightly different procedure than trepenation as described on the other website. but it seems as if the peruvians have been experimenting with similar techniques for more than strictly medical benefits.

                  also, thank you hoopes for sharing your scientific speculation of the brain & ferrofluids (something i encourage you to continue to counterbalance your skeptical skirmishes). if i may indulge in one myself (prefacing it by saying i'm not an expert, legitimate or self-professed, in any of these fields), when i watched the first section of the video you shared ( ), the reaction of the ferrofluid, especially along the created nodes, looked to me strikingly similar to the formation of hurricanes.

                  (some video & info on hurricane formation here:)

                  now considering that the earth (like our bodies) is composed of a high concentration of water both on the surface and the atmosphere and is also a giant magnet, it would seem logical that this experiment could be mirrored in nature in some ways, perhaps even in large-scale weather formations.

                  in geoff's earlier post re: geomagnetic inversion, he mentioned that there is an instance of field reversal in south africa (which can be seen here: ). coincidentally, upon reading the above links, i discovered that the prevailing metereological theory claims that all hurricanes germinate over central-east africa.

                  assuming that the geomagnetic inversion hypothesis has some validity, it would also seem probable (although i'm not that knowledgable on the movements of geomagnetics) that if the earth's magnetic balance is shifting, there just might currently be a high magnetic concentration right around in the same vicinity of the hurricanes' birthplace.

                  to paraphrase hoopes, i don't know how if this has anything to do with each other, but in the absence of any overlying scientific 'proof' of why hurricanes actually form and the expontential increase of them in recent years, could this perhaps, just perhaps, be a possible explanation???

                  unfortunately, several targeted stabs at the googlebrain yielded no correlations. thus, it remains an wildly unfounded speculation by a pure amateur. further evidence, proofs and rebuttals are most welcome.

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