huge west coast earthquake predicted for this weekend...

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west coast, USA...that is...
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  • Based on what evidence? No link? Pretty shaky claim there Tina, what is your motivation for such a post?

    There is reason for concern over the long term as we have known for some time. I did read this more concrete article yesterday with no claims of predictions or imminent danger and it was very clear that know one knows when to expect the "big" one.
    • I predict earthquakes for Ca. and other places in the world too.. I also predict to run out of T.P. at some point as living with two women you go through a lot. I still predict the need to wipe my ass so I am also predicting needing to go buy some at some point. There I have spoken, let it be so.
        The Tsunami That Rocked Japan 300 Years Ago

        Seattleites bracing for "The Big One," take note: It can happen again.

        By Keegan Hamilton
        Wednesday, Mar 16 2011

        More than 300 years ago, long before an earthquake and subsequent tsunami battered Japan last Friday, another wave of water swept the island nation, wreaking havoc and laying waste to entire coastal villages. That tsunami was caused by a massive quake—estimated to have been a magnitude 9.0, just like last week's—that rocked the entire Pacific coast from British Columbia to northern California. According to a U.S. Geological Survey expert and a former University of Washington scientist, the great tremor of 1700 and ensuing "orphan tsunami" could happen again, and Seattle isn't nearly as well-prepared as Japan.

        David Yamaguchi and Brian Atwater are the authors of The Orphan Tsunami of 1700—Japanese Clues to a Parent Earthquake in North America, a tome published in 2005 by the University of Washington Press that details the giant—yet, prior to their research, unconfirmed—earthquake that landed here long before the Denny Party.

        Reached by phone, Yamaguchi says the current chaos in Japan is keeping him glued to the TV. About a decade ago, in researching the book, he traveled to some of the coastal cities hit by last week's tsunami. Back then he saw evidence of previous big waves—things like "sand sheets," mud and silt deposits left by water sweeping over normally dry land—but had a difficult time envisioning the same thing happening in the present.

        "It's just as fascinating and scary to us as it is to you," says Yamaguchi, formerly a UW professor of dendrology (the study of wooded plants). "All of this stuff we've been studying for years. Now to see it unroll on video footage on TV, it's just amazing."

        Back in the mid-1990s, Yamaguchi and Atwater, a USGS researcher, suspected that a massive quake had struck the Puget Sound sometime in the past three centuries. Although no scientific evidence existed at the time, several oral accounts from Native Americans survived, such as this one from the diary of explorer James Swan: "The water receded and left Neah Bay dry for four days and became very warm. It then rose again without any swell or waves and submerged the whole of the cape and in fact the whole country except the mountains . . . many canoes came down in trees and were destroyed and many lives were lost."

        Yamaguchi and Atwater then teamed up with Kenji Satake, a geologist who combed Japan's meticulous historical records for descriptions of tsunamis in that era. Satake's research yielded stories like this one from the town of Miyako in 1700—the same place where more than 1,000 bodies washed ashore on Monday: "The waters drove villagers to high ground, damaged salt kilns and fishing shacks, drowned paddies and crops, ascended a cattle moat, entered a government storehouse, washed away more than a dozen buildings, and spread flames that consumed twenty more. Return flows contributed to a nautical accident that sank tons of rice and killed two sailors. Samurai magistrates issued rice to afflicted villagers and requested lumber for those left homeless."

        The American scientists then analyzed tree rings from stumps submerged in shallow coastal waters in Washington and used radiocarbon dating to pinpoint where and how the 1700 quake occurred. What the record showed was tremendous activity on the fault line between the Cascadia and Juan de Fuca tectonic plates. The quake lifted part of the sea floor and displaced an enormous amount of seawater, causing waves between two and five meters high to travel all the way across the ocean and hit Japan.

        Yamaguchi says what's striking about the recent quake is the level of devastation—higher than expected, given the country's attention to preparedness. Japan has rigorous building codes, and, especially in northern coastal cities, a history of drilling its citizens in tsunami education. (An even larger wave struck the country in 1611, killing an estimated 8,000 people. More recently, a major tsunami came ashore in 1960.) With that in mind, Yamaguchi says he's worried about what could happen if a similar scenario unfolded in the United States.

        "We're used to seeing these in Mexico, Chile, Indonesia, and Haiti—underdeveloped countries," he says. "What the events in Japan are telling us is, if this were to happen here now, the level of preparedness here is much less. We're way behind."

        Yamaguchi cites Japan's habit of putting metal jackets on concrete freeway support columns and posting tsunami escape-route signs as examples of how the U.S. lags in preparedness. But he also hints that we might just be out of practice. "Everybody in the world is seeing this stuff on TV," he says. "The question is, if we were to have something like this, let's say next week, could we translate that TV knowledge in our minds and get everybody on the coast uphill in 20 minutes?"
  • Big predictions always come out after a large Earthquake to help prepare others for the issue and this is NOT a bad thing! Because Earthquakes will happen and the better one is prepared when it DOES happen, the better!

    I am predicting the big one to happen off the Washington coast. This is where the subduction zone is due for a really BIG one that will make the Japan quake look small by comparrison... A lot of activity is happening along the ring of fire and this one will spark a chain reaction all down the West Coast when it happens and will change the face of the planet...

    Have you ever heard of small quakes that happen right before the BIG one? That's all Japan is, is the start of something bigger...

    My prediction comes in the middle of Sept this year! Around the 14-15. If we can get past this point without a major Earthquake then we'll have dodged a bullet! But I don't think we will... We'll see

    Be ready! If I'm wrong then at least you'll be prepared when one does finally happen but nothing is wrong in being prepared!
    • The next big one will be near Kentucky/ Indiana

      • >"the next big one will be near Kentucky/ Indiana "

        Of course it will, because we all recognize your subscription and incorruptible belief in science and the scientific method.
        • hehe seriously though The Yellowstone Caldera could potentially take us out. how's that for doomsday :)

          • If there is a 'super quake' here in the North American continent then a volcanic action could be produced from the effect of the plates sinking and causing an increase in pressure, so if this does happen, yeah Yellowstone could BLOW! hehehe Isn't this fun scaring all the little ones?

            If you come prepared and live not a sheltered life but use reason and understanding that these things do happen and lately there has been an increase in natural phenomenon, then when something does happen, you are better equipped to handle the situation.

            I don't call for everyone to hide in a hole but preparedness is a must if you live on the West coast... Just saying...

            If this world does go to hell in a hand-basket, if you don't want to be around to help be a part of the rebuilding structure of a newer better world, then I agree in your stance to NOT be prepared and you can soon kiss you @ss goodbye and those are the types of people that Don't need to help rebuild a new society! :)

            By the way, survival of the fittest happens because of the fittest, most prepared not the ones that go around mocking the others and calling them Chicken Little LOL

            I still don't think people understand the way that "bearings" wear out on any motor!

            When you have a lopsidedness or unbalanced aspect in a spinning object, you get a wobble!

            The Earth wobbles!

            Do you think this is a natural thing that shows the Earth in balance?

            Something makes this wobble happen!

            With enough unbalanced actions that continuously effect the spinning object, then friction causes the bearings to wear out, in the case of the Earth and planetary movements of other bodies around it cause a wobble and every now and then the situation is just right and "things give" to compensate for this pressure being built up that is causing the wobble in the first place.

            I wouldn't say that the worse is over yet...

            You can call it psuedo science all you want but in building things in a machine shop for many years, I can tell you the unbalanced effect of things and the precision that it takes to avoid undue friction and wear and if you have a wobble, then something is out of balance and if you have ever seen a washing machine out of balance then it can actually "walk" across the floor.

            I'm just saying that planetary mechanics and a spinning top are no different and when the top "wobbles" the center of gravity moves. Thus the wobble, and in looking at the Earth, when we see the magnetic North moving, drifting at an accelerated pace, then something is acting on the pull and making the "wobble" worse! And this wobble hasn't stabilized yet, so in my opinion, we are still in for a rough ride,

            But why take a lowly mechanical engineers word of it, I'm not a rocket scientist (Grin)

            But until we see a stablization in the "movement" and "drift" of the magnetic North, then it isn't over! This applies for any situation in a spinning object, even the Earth! But this is just my opinion... Go figure.
            • I'll tell you what. You go buy yourself one of those little Gyro-scopes, a simple little toy...

              And play around with it! You'll soon understand that when I gyro-scope spins that if you "push it" it pushes backs! So to change the rotation of the gyro takes some force and friction occurs. For the drift to change, look at the direction of change and it will show the force accountable being applied.

              Try this experiment, buy about nine or ten of these gyros and build yourself a little solar system and watch the gyros "spin" as they create a larger gyro in and of itself as the whole solar system makes for a gyro. And then the effects of another gyro added to the system as a moon... Then bring in a comet (another gyro) sweeping into this little system of gyros and measure the forces that they create and the way that frictions act on all of the gyroscopic centers of gravity... Then look at the "synchronization" of orbits that Venus and the Earth have and in their sync of both being aligned with the Sun as a transit occurs and the forces, even may they be small, their is a wobble effect and this is what Will Hart is saying in his predictions...

              In the gyroscopic spinning of any object, any little "unbalance" it has in its entire system and can cause "friction" and "wear" and the bearings start to wear! So for those of you that say that the gravitational pull of other planets DON'T affect our planet, I challenge you to build a motor that has this little unbalanced pull and see if it doesn't "wear" on the bearings eventually, even though this pull (unbalance) is minimal!!!!
              • In other words, if you read my previous two posts and didn't understand a thing I wrote, here's what I think, but like I said, I'm not a rocket scientists and am just using "common sense", so take it however you want....

                I think the sync of Venus and the Earth as they rotate around the sun are in such a pattern that they are causing an ever growing "wobble" in the Earth's natural wobble, which is caused by this sync that the Earth and Venus have in common to their positions as the rotate around the sun. As they are lining up in a direct line with the Sun in June of 2012, this wobble is getting worse as we come closer to this date which causes undue stress on the Earth in friction. This friction is minimal but IS there and affects the Earth in ways that if talking about an "unbalanced' motor, this unbalanced effect eventually leads to wore out bearings, now this is effecting us somehow... Add to that another gyroscopic body as a comet which is going to come within eye-viewing distance in Sept of this year and this movement of the "wobble" of the Earth is being upset by measurements that we can barely measure yet multiplied on the scale of a planetary system, then the effect, of "wear" shows up as our magnetic poles move and the faster they move and the further they move (which causes the wobble of the planet to be even more acute) then we can gauge the "friction" that the gyroscopic nature of other objects in our solar system have on our planet!

                As soon as the Magnetic North starts to "slow" down and quit moving and actually start to move back, then we will see Earthquakes and volcanoes to ebb! I believe that after the comet passes and the Transit of Venus, then the magnetic anomalies will start to come back to normal. The Sun will settle down, and we can look towards a calmer planet and weather.

                If you continue to watch the magnetic pole movement and after the transit of Venus watch and see if the Earthquakes start to calm down and the magnetic shield of the Earth, the Magnetosphere, should come back to normal! But we still have the ride to the climax into June of next year alone with the solar Max (solar flares) that should be amplified by all these events too, then after that, the world will be entering what some call the 5th Sun.. In others words we have come to the end of a gyroscopic pattern of movement that can result in amplified results of friction which causes all sorts of problems in a spinning object in the conditions of the "wobble" that happens...

                We'll see. I'll mark this thread and come back to it when things get worse and show you guys that after all this that our magnetic North will start to "calm" down and there should be less Earthquakes and natural disasters!
                • The question I have to ask is...

                  Did the Gods the Maya's talked about know of these advanced mechanics of gyroscopic measurements and mathematics? They sure did have an advance understanding of mathematics and watched Venus in particular???

                  2012 points right towards this Venus transit as an ending time of a cyclical pattern, which is exactly what gyroscopic movement is... Cyclical just like their calendars...

                  Just saying, this is all too coincidental to be just that. But of course I believe that the universe is TOO big for just us to be the only ones here... Arrogance is our nature to think that we are the smartest and only beings in the universe (o:
  • I am really kind of glad to see that a big Earthquake this weekend, like some predicted, didn’t hit the west coast! This is a GOOD thing! :o) Whenever a prediction of this nature is proven wrong then it's always a good thing, in my books anyways.

    I don't like to see death and destruction but it will happen and the better people are ready for such an event, the less people will have to suffer! Death is inevitable but to suffer needlessly is a shame!

    I sure wouldn't want to wake up this morning to the headlines that "millions died in super quake off of US west coast, with nuclear facilities spreading radiation across America!"

    Peace and happiness to all since such a disaster did NOT happen!

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